IV-18荧光管电子钟装配指南【IV-18 Energy Pillar Assembly Instructions】

上个月推出了IV-18(ИВ-18)荧光电子管时钟DIY套件,由于外壳装配过程稍稍复杂,所以这两天用Solidworks绘制了一整套3D装配指南图片,供大家参考。 IV-18 (ИВ-18) the VFD tubes Clock DIY kit published last month, the housing assembly process is a little more complicated, so these two days with Solidworks drawn complete set of 3D assembly guide pictures for your reference.

整个外壳的装配过程请按照图示说明进行,如有疑问请大家给我留言! The housing assembly process is carried out in accordance with the illustration, any questions please leave […]